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To be read in conjunction with Information Sheet and Nomination Form


1. No smoking in the pits

2. No alcohol in the pits

3. Correct attire to be worn in the pits (ie enclosed footwear, no singlet tops, etc...) Ref Annexure F (iv)

4. Pit Crew require a current Speedway Australia Licence as this is a closed Speedway Australia pit.

5. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the pits unless competing. Children aged 12-15 who possess a Speedway Australia licence are permitted. Ref: Annexure F (x)

6. Rear push bars are to be as per SKAA formula rule 1.13. Rear push bars to be a minimum of 200mm and maximum of 400mm from ground level)

7. All helmets must have rubber grommets to hold tear offs onto helmets. All used tear offs must be placed in bins. A 2cm square of rubber inner tube with a slit cut in the middle for the tear off peg will be adequate.

8. The top five place getters from each division will have their kart impounded immediately after their final is finished. They must not be removed until the Chief Scrutineer gives permission. The Driver or the drivers Pit Crew member MUST remain with the impounded kart in the impound area. 

9. Fuel testing will be carried out. Fuel must be as per SKAA requirements.

10. To facilitate lap scoring – number plates must conform to SKAA formula rule 1.9. (Numbers to be a minimum 145mm in height and minimum 15mm stroke width, with a minimum 10mm white border, and to be located on the Nassau panel, one on each side, and one on a plate securely attached to the rear push bar. In the event of a double up of numbers the host club, then state has priority.
11. Raceceiver system will be in use, this is compulsory
12. All engines from all classes will be sealed, please ensure you have holes drilled through 2 cylinder head nuts for engine tagging seals. (Or 1 cylinder nut is fine, as long as there is a small hole in a cylinder fin to attach the tagging seal)
13. KT100s (standard or modified) engines are to have 1 cylinder nut replaced with an internal hex fitting nut (same/similar as 8mm allen key hex wheel nut).
14. All karts must be scrutineered prior to racing. All karts presented for scrutineering must be presented on a suitable trolley of adequate height.
15. No push starting of karts with or without a clutch in any part of the pit area
16. Transponders are mandatory at SKAA State and National Titles, where available. Transponders are to be made available for hire by the host Club. Drivers may use their own transponder, which MUST conform to that specified by the host club, and the driver is responsible for ensuring that it is working properly.
17. Transponders are to be mounted on the front nose cone support bar.



Sunraysia Dirt Karters encourages good sportsmanship at all levels of competition. 

1. Treat all participants in your sport as you would like to be treated yourself.

2. Control your temper: verbal abuse, threats and physical violence are not acceptable behaviours.

3. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participant, regardless of their ability, gender or cultural background.

4. Be a good role model: be safe, responsible and set a good example outside of organised racing events, especially when on the road.

5. Act within the rules of the sport at all times.

6. Respect the decisions of officials at all times.

7. Remember to treat with respect and thank fans, fellow competitors, coaches, volunteers, team members an officials. Without these people, the sport would not exist.

8. Adhere to Speedway Australia Pit Rules & Regulations and the Speedway Australia Drug & Alcohol Policy.

9. Respect track operators by adhering to the rules and guidelines of each track.

10. Be Environment conscious: keep your area clean and treat spills appropriately. Leave your area as you would like to find it. 

For Drivers:

 Always comply with the rules.

 Always compete to the best of your ability, with honour and integrity.

 Avoid arguing with stewards and officials – most stewards have volunteered their time and services to ensure your race runs smoothly, safely and efficiently.

 Treat all competitors as you would like to be treated – do not interfere with, bully or take advantage of any other participant. This includes using email or social media to bully or slander competitors.

 Avoid the use of coarse or derogatory language. 

For Officials:

 Be impartial, consistent and objective at all times.

 Place the safety and welfare of all participants above all else.

 Ensure the spirit of competition is maintained.

 Be understanding and co-operative in the interpretation and application of rules and penalties.

 Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all competitors. 

For Parents:

(A minor is any person under the age of 18 years)

 Encourage children to participate to the best of their ability.

 Focus upon the child’s performance rather than the overall outcome of the event.

 Teach children that an honest effort is as important as victory.

 Encourage your children to follow the rules and respect the work and decisions of officials and stewards.

 Remember that children are involved in Speedway for their enjoyment – not yours.

 Set a good example by avoiding the use of derogatory or abusive language, respect officials and stewards and never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during competition.

 Don’t be an ugly parent. 

By clicking continue, you are agreeing to abide by the Supplementary Regulations and Code of Conduct at all times. 

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