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6th November 2015 


On the 6th November 2015, Sunraysia Dirt Karters celebrated out 10th Birthday!
We would like to thank everybody for supporting our club over the last decade! For some it has been a long 10 years, but we are all incredibly proud of what we have achieved, and how strong our club is today. 
To celebrate, we ran a full race meeting, with emphasis on the Standards class (not many people know, but Sunraysia actually started with only Standard Clubmans - and were the first club to do so - whilst we were still running as part of the bike meetings). 


This meeting was also our Sub-Junior feature meeting! 


Photos from this meeting can be found here

Final results can be found below. 



Junior Standards 

1st - Dane Hakopa 

2nd - Alan Garbutt

3rd - Jocelyn Garbutt

4th - Will Hayes 

1st - Todd Martin

2nd - Lachlan Barbary

3rd - Jake Adams

4th - Sam Hayes

5th - Brodie Adams

6th - Max Curran

7th - Connor Aunger 

Standard Clubman 

1st - Tahleesha Mayes

2nd - Bob Latta 

3rd - Mitch Gladman

4th - Nick Chagellis

5th - Kelsey Allen 

6th - Alan Saint

7th - Jeremy Aworth

8th - Darren Allen

9th - Damon Brown

10th - Bob Allen

11th - Zoe Smith

12th - Les Parker

13th - Trevor Raams

1st - Liam Aunger

2nd - Tyson Martin

All Powers 

1st - Tahleesha Mayes

2nd - Bob Latta

3rd - Luke Henderson

4th - Bob Allen

5th - Les Parker

6th - Jamie Nichols


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