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About the Sunraysia Dirt  Karters 

The Sunraysia Dirt Karters was formed in October 2005.
The two forming members, Darren Allen and Steve Wright both had previous racing experience, and wanted to try something new. They asked the Mildura Motorcycle Club if they could bring down some karts just to have a go. The MMC invited them to a 'Winter Series' meeting in March 2005, and within the month there was another 12 karts interested. The club was officially formed in October that year. 

There is now around 80 members of the club. The club has also ran 3 Victorian Titles, as well as an Australian Title. The club also holds a All Power Nationals meeting every year; where they combine several classes to race against each other, for prize money. The All Power Nationals is continually the biggest and most prestigeous speedway karting event in Australia. It attracts the best drivers from around the country. Last year alone, we had drivers from VIC, SA, NSW, TAS, QLD and even as far as NT. 

The club is licensed by Speedway Australia, and is part of the Speedway Karting Association of Australasia. They run every class of the SKAA, including; Juniors, Standard Clubman, Modified Clubman,Ladies, 100cc Outlaws, 125cc Open, 200cc Twins and 250cc Open. 

Speedway karting is the cheapest form of motorsport available. It is not necessary to have the newest and most expensive equipment. Most speedway karters are using ex-bitumen chassis and engines. Licencing and insurance is also a fraction of the cost of bitumen karting. Tyres and other items which wear out are not that expensive, and can last for over a season. 

As of 2024 Sunraysia Dirt Karters became affiliated with AIDKA and have plans on the go to build the 1st Victorian AIDKA Track in Australia. So keep an eye out for more information.

Our Mission Statement

Sunraysia Dirt Karters strive to promote speedway karting within the local and broader community, with a strong focus on a club environment. This will be done via hosting speedway karting events and:

- Growing the club base, and giving club members a sense of belonging

- Encouraging experienced racers to mentor and act as role models to newer/younger racers.  Junior Development is a club priority

- Viewing safety as a priority at all times

- Maintaining / improving our financial situation with a view to building club assets and providing for possible  future needs

- Improving the profile and image of our sport within the local and (if applicable or possible) the broader environment.

- Maintaining a positive relationship with associated organizations.  Abiding by applicable rules and regulations as set down by government, our governing body (SKAA) and by our insurer (Speedway Australia)

- Respecting the efforts of volunteers

- Embracing technology

- Encouraging good sportsmanship, constructive behaviours, and fairness from all.

Our Vision Statement

  “To allow more drivers to participate in the sport of speedway karting more often” 

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