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2017/2018 SKAA Victorian Speedway Kart Title 

Hosted by Sunraysia Dirt Karters 


Sanctioned by Speedway Australia and SKAA and run under Speedway Australia and SKAA Rules and Regulations. To be read in conjunction with Supplementary Regulations and Nomination Form


DATE:                                   Saturday 10th February 2018

VENUE:                                Olympic Park Speedway
ADDRESS:                            Eleventh Street Mildura, past Old Aerodrome Ovals
TRACK:                                 330m, Crusher Dust Blend
FACILITIES:                           Large Pits, Canteens, Showers, Toilets

ENTRIES CLOSE:                 9pm Monday 29th January 2018

RAIN /HEAT OUT DAY:         Saturday 23rd June 2018
HEAT POLICY:                      Please see attached the SDK Heat Policy

NOMINATION FEES:            $100 per class, with a $50 discount per class for second and subsequent                                                        classes
                Nomination fees must be paid and received with nomination form by 9pm 29th January 2018, and                  must include:
                1. Photocopies from your SKAA Log Book showing front cover, and proof of at least two SKAA                        events within the previous 12 months from close of nomination date, as per eligibility criteria.
                Notes: Also include Annual Driver Levy currency page if using 2016/2017 Log Book.
                Title, Blue Ribbon and special/feature events are not eligible.

                2. A Copy of your Speedway Australia licence.

CATEGORIES:       Junior: Junior (Age 10-16 years), Junior Standard (Age 14-16 years)
                                Senior: Standard, Modified, Ladies, Outlaw, 125cc Pro, 200cc Twin
                                125cc Pro class will be separated into gearbox/non-gearbox if numbers permit.

                                Undersubscribed classes will not be run.



ELIGIBILITY:         Drivers must have
                                1. Current Annual Speedway Australia Licence (One Day Licence not accepted)
                                2. Current SKAA Log Book
                                3. Proof of “on track” participation in at least two SKAA club events on an Annual                                                Speedway Australia Licence, within the previous 12 months, from close of                                                        nomination date, from your SKAA Driver Log Book. Titles, Blue Ribbon and                                                      "special/feature” events are not eligible.

                                Notes: Events on a Day Licence are not accepted. 
                                           Examples of special events/feature events that are not eligible are Des                                                             Carsburg, All Powers, Ironman, Kids Royal, Doug Drew, Skid for Skip etc 

                                           "Rain Outs" are not eligible as "on track participation 


TITLE FORMAT:                          Heats: 4 Heats of 8 laps
                                                     Finals: 15 Laps

                                                     ARRIVAL AT TRACK: 8am
                                                     SCRUTINEERING: 9am - 11:30am 
                                                     DRIVERS BRIEFING: 11:30am

                                                                   RACING COMMENCES: 12pm 
                                                        PRESENTATIONS: In clubrooms after completion of racing, and post-race                                                                scrutineering.
                                                        PRACTICE: Not available
                                                         * All times are subject to change. Drivers will be notified of any changes to                                                               times via email and the SDK Facebook page.

METHOD OF STARTING KARTS:   Quad and Electric Start.

TRANSPONDER SYSTEM:             The Mylaps transponder system will be in use. It is the drivers responsibility                                                              to ensure they have a working transponder. If you do not have one you will                                                              not be lap scored or receive any points. Transponders will be available to hire                                                            or $30 for the day. Payment must be completed along with nomination fee.



Golden River Holiday Park, 199-205 Flora Avenue, Mildura. (03 5021 2299)

Big4 Mildura Crossroads Holiday Park, 860 Fifteenth Street Mildura, (1800 675 103)

Apex RiverBeach Holiday Park, 435 Cureton Avenue, Mildura. (03 5021 0326)

City Gate Motel, 89 Street Mildura. (03 5022 1077)

For additional locations, please visit the Mildura accommodation website -

ENQUIRIES:  Shelby Allen 
                       Race Secretary 
                       Ph 0499 666 036



Please see the SDK Heat Policy attached above. 

If the Sunraysia Dirt Karters Heat Policy is applied to the 2017/2018 SKAA Victorian Title (or also in the case of a rain out) the following shall apply:

  1. All nominations are automatically transferred, and existing qualifications stand, unless notified by the driver within 1 week of the original title date

  2. Refunds will be provided if required, providing driver notifies the club in writing within 1 week of the original title date

  3. Nominations will be opened back up, with a new close of nomination date, for new applications only. New applications must meet the new qualification requirements (ie timeframe for meetings)

  4. If you request a refund, and later decide you do want to race, then you must re-apply again and provide proof to the new qualification requirements

  5. Drivers are reminded to check the expiry date on their licence, and to make a note of your accommodation requirements.


If the Sunraysia Dirt Karters Heat Policy is activated, the decision for this meeting only will be made on the Sunday prior, to allow for those who are travelling.


The alternate date if required will be June 23rd 2018. New Close of nomination date will be 9th June 2018.

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